Netanyahu Sends Warning to Civilians in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Palestinians on Sunday to leave any area at once where Palestinian militants are operating. The warning comes just a day after Israeli Defense Forces ratcheted up their offensive to another level by destroying an apartment building of 13 stories.

An aircraft from Israel fired at first a rocket that was non-exploding, which was a sign for all residents to leave. The IDF then attacked it on Saturday.

In the airstrike on the building, there were 17 people injured. Israel says the building housed a command center for Hamas.

Netanyahu said he called on all those living in Gaza to immediately evacuate every site from where Hamas is carrying out activity that is terrorist related.

He added that every place that this is taking place is a target for Israel. The remarks were made during the portion of a cabinet meeting open to the public.

With there being no end yet in sight to the fighting, which has entered its 7th week, the tough talk form Netanyahu could mean a move to even stronger strikes in areas that are more densely population, even at the risk of more international concern and outrage.

In Gaza, there are thousands of homes already damaged or destroyed by the conflict. Estimates are that close to 500,000 people have already been displaced, in an area of only 1.8 million.

Palestinians have cited attacks by Israel on mosques and schools, saying nowhere is safe.

Israel said that Hamas is responsible for the casualties in the civilian population because it has its operations amongst those who are non-combatants.

The group, said Israel, uses mosques and schools to store its weapons and to launch rocket attacks across the border.

Health officials said that 2,108 Palestinians have been killed. Most of the dead are civilians and over 400 are children, said the officials.

In all, 68 Israelis 64 soldiers and just 4 civilians have been killed.

On Sunday, more air strikes by Israel hit Gaza killing 6 more Palestinians, said health officials.

Rocket fire from Palestinian militants continued in what is now a war of attrition, with attempts by Egypt to broker a truce failing.

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