Netanyahu Upset at Silence Over Rocket Attacks from Gaza

On Sunday, Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel spoke out against the silence of the international community over recent attacks with rockets shot from Gaza. He warned that he could produce a strong reprisal to the rocket attacks.

Netanyahu said he has not heard a single word of condemnation from anywhere in the world about the rocket attacks that came from Gaza during the last two weeks. There were no reports of injuries or damage caused by the rockets, but it disrupted the quiet in the south of Israel that has prevailed for the most part since the war of last summer between Israel and Hamas.

Netanyahu said it would be interesting to see if the silence were to continue when Israel uses all its strength to exercise its right to defend itself. He added that it should be very clear that hypocrisy that is spreading over the world would not chain the hands of Israel from defending its citizens.

The leader of Israel condemned the recent international campaign to blacken the name of Israel.

He said that the international community has always disproportionately singled out the Jews from condemnation while staying silent on major conflicts such as abuse through humans’ rights in other countries.

Netanyahu said the struggle that is waged against Israel is an international campaign to blacken its name.

Military fighter jets from Israel carried out airstrikes in Gaza early Sunday responding to the latest attack using rockets early on Sunday that was launched from Hamas occupied territory.

The missile landed in an area that was uninhabited and no damage or injuries had been reported from the rocket attack or from Israel’s airstrike.

A local organization that is jihadi and supports the Islamic State claimed to have launched the rocket attacks on Israel.

The group is struggling with Hamas and said the recent attacks were retaliation for a crackdown by Hamas.

To Israel, Hamas is the one responsible for the attacks originating in Gaza and announced on Sunday it crossing into the strip would be ended due to the latest missile launch.

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