Netanyahu Wants Ron Dermer to be Ambassador to U.S.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly wants Ron Dermer, his advisor, who was born in the U.S., to replace Ambassador Michael Oren. Oren is expected to resign his post in Washington sometime prior to May of 2013 following four years of service as the representative for Israel and Netanyahu in Washington. The role of Ambassador to the U.S. is one of the most important positions in Netanyahu’s camp and must be staffed by an individual of great trust.

A report on Friday said that Netanyahu would nominate Dermer for the job. Dermer has been Netanyahu’s advisor the past four years. When the Prime Minister’s office was asked to confirm Friday’s report, they said they had no comment.

One official who asked to remain anonymous said it is possible that Dermer would be nominated. However, he is considered by people in Washington to be hostile towards the Obama administration and he is also seen to have views that are even further right than the Prime Minister is. That could cause Netanyahu to reconsider his choice and take someone else for the important post.

No one is sure if Netanyahu will change his mind on who to choose for the Ambassador post but some are concerned with the possibility it could be Dermer. Dermer immigrated to Israel in 1997 from the U.S. He is known to be a supporter of the Republican Party and his family, which is from Miami Beach, is close to the Bush family.

Dermer is also seen by many as the reason Netanyahu supported Mitt Romney so strongly. It was reported in October that Dermer was the individual that planned the visit by Romney to Israel this year. Many also feel that Dermer’s position on certain policy matters is much more extreme than that of Netanyahu.

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