Netanyahu’s Likud Party Could Win Just 20 Seats in Knesset

The last two polls prior to the election in Israel predict that the Zionist Union will have a margin of four seats over the Likud Party, which is the party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The latest poll just published on Friday only three days prior to the Knesset election gave just 20 seats to Netanyahu’s party, which is the lowest Likud has been polled at since the run up to the election began.

The Zionist Union is the party of Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog. In another poll released late Friday night, Likud has 22 seats and 26 went to Zionist Union.

This gap of four seats between the two biggest parties is a reflection of the results of the majority of polls conducted over the last week.

However, the bloc that is right wing remains ahead of the center-left. A poll released early Friday showed the Arab Joine List with 13 seats, while the Habayit Hayehudi and Yesh Atid both had 12 seats and the Kulanu with 10. Shas is expected to keep its 7 seats, while the United Torah Judaism had six and the Yahad, Meretz and Beiteinu all with five.

Friday was the last day polls could be published prior to the election on Tuesday. Over the past week, Netanyahu and his Likud party have fallen in every poll, despite a media blitz over the last days by Netanyahu.

In a set of different interviews for radio, television, news websites and newspapers this week, the Prime Minister hammered home a message that voting for the Likud Party was the only way to keep out a government that was left-wing in Israel.

He said there was danger that the rule of the right would be lost. Media and left wing elements both domestically and abroad conspired to bring the leaders of the Zionist Union into power illegitimately, through means of slander in Israel and money from abroad was the message given by Netanyahu.

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  1. kafantaris2 says:

    “When Bougie (Herzog) and Tzipi come in here, they won’t stand firm even for a minute. They will fold on every position right away,” says Netanyahu of the opposition — thus missing no chance to again scare the Israeli citizens into voting for him.
    And get a load of this: “Whether legal or not, it certainly is not legitimate for foreign governments…to meddle here.” So what was he doing in the U.S. Congress two weeks ago?

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