New Middle East Virus Dangerous for Middle Aged Men

Men who are middle aged are at the highest risk of becoming infected with the new virus similar to SARS, which has a death rate that is more than 50%.

Nearly two-thirds of the reported cases of MERS-CoV – Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus are men whose average age is 51, said health officials.

The World Health Organization announced in May that the MERS-CoV could be a threat to the whole world, as the disease has emerged faster than their first understanding.

Public Health England’s experts at the organizations conference on MERS, revealed that the vast majority of infected people or over 85% and suffered from health problems that were pre-existing.

The head of the PHE’s respiratory disease section said the distribution of sex and age is interesting where both middle-aged and older males are in particular danger of infection.

The age range is wide, said the doctor, but very few at a younger age.

To date, 80 cases have been confirmed of MERS-CoV, with 45 deaths, of which three deaths were in the United Kingdom.

The most recent death in the UK took place in late June in London at St. Thomas Hospital.

Officials at the hospital said the man who died was from Qatar and 49 years of age.

Health officials in Britain were advised to remain vigilant for any respiratory illness that is severe and unexplained in anyone that recently had travelled to a country in the Middle East.

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