New President of Egypt Promises to Correct Past Mistakes

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi the former military chief of Egypt on Sunday was sworn in as the country’s president vowing to lead his country through many important changes.

Sisi said Egypt in its latest phase would witness a return on both external and internal fronts, to make up for what the country has missed and to correct past mistakes.

Despite Egypt’s political upheaval of the last couple of years, el-Sisi celebrated a transition from Adly Mansour the interim president.

The new president said that at no time prior in the history of Egypt has the country witnessed a democratic transfer of presidential powers.

Now for only the first time in Egypt’s history the President elect can shake hands with an outgoing President.

The former head of the Egyptian military won over 96% of the votes in the presidential election held in late May for a term of four years.

When declared the election winner last week, a huge celebration took place in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Security and Military personnel could be seen watching for a distance as crowds began to sing and dance.

A White House official said during last week that Washington was looking forward to working with Egypt and President el-Sisi to move forward a strategic partnership as well as the many interests both Egypt and the United States share.

The Egyptian presidential election took place amidst great political turmoil that saw the country’s first president democratically elected, Mohammad Morsi ousted by office in July of 2013 by the military.

Leading the military coup was none other than the current president el-Sisi.

The Obama administration said that while it was pleased international observers were able to participate in Egypt’s election, concerns are also shared by them over the restrictive environment politically in which the presidential election was carried out.

The only opponent to face el-Sisi was Hamdeen Sabahy who won 3.9% of the overall vote, said election commission officials.

Sabahy conceded the election but raised some question about the process. Allegation had been made that the Sabahy campaign had representatives attacked and subsequently detained and that representatives from el-Sisi could enter polling stations.

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