New United States Secretary of Defense Sworn In

Chuck Hagel arrived at the Pentagon on Wednesday, was sworn in and started his first day as the new Secretary of the Defense. Hagel did not arrive his first day on the job on time, as he was caught in morning traffic in Washington, D.C. and arrived 40 minute late. Hagel was greeted at the entrance to the Pentagon by Lt. General Thomas Waldhauser with a crisp salute at the door of Hagel’s SUV.

Hagel appeared to be surprised by the Lt. General’s greeting but quickly saluted the Lt. General back and smiled. Hagel will have Waldhauser by his side often, as the new Defense Secretary will have the Lt. General as his military aide.

Waldhauser also served in the same capacity for Leon Panetta the previous Secretary of Defense, whose position Hagel has taken after being confirmed by the Senate earlier this week and sworn in Wednesday morning.

Hagel along with Lillibet his wife walked into the Pentagon and turned to acknowledge the camera crews and reporters that had gathered to record the new Defensive Secretary’s arrival for his first day on the job.

Shortly afterward, the swearing in ceremony took place at around 8:30 am. The ceremony was private and held inside Hagel’s new offices. Michael Rhodes, the Director of Administration and Management at the Pentagon, performed the swearing in of Hagel.

Now that the drama of the confirmation hearings is behind Hagel, he can get down to performing his job as the U.S. Secretary of Defense. He is scheduled to hold meetings with other members of the Pentagon on Wednesday morning before traveling to the White House to hold meetings there.

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