New Video from ISIS Has Child Executing Alleged Spy

An executioner with the face of a child who appears to by 12 years old or even younger appears to execute a male who is Arab-Israeli that had apparently confessed to being spy for Mossad.

The clip is 13 minutes in length and was released on Tuesday on Twitter. It shows a man sitting down identified as Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam by family members, calming making a confession that he was recruited by the spy agency Mossad. He even stated the amount of money he had been paid as a spy.

Authorities believe Musallam was the alleged spy from Mossad that ISIS claimed in February it was holding and who had been interviewed in the online magazine of the terror group known as Dabiq, last month.

In that February interview, Musallam states that he had been enlisted into the spy agency by one of his neighbors who is Jewish and was a police officer.

Musallam said Mossad had wanted him to infiltrate the terror group to provide data about the group’s location, its weapons, its bases and names of different Palestinians fighting for it.

However, he said during his interview that ISIS caught him because he started to act in a way that a muhajir fighter would not despite advanced training he received from Mossad.

However, in an interview with an Israeli newspaper, Musallam’s father said his son was not a Mossad spy, but had willingly joined ISIS a number of months ago.

Experts speculate that the Arab Israeli might have attempted to leave the terror group only to be stopped and accused of spying and then executed.

The video also included ISIS threatening Mossad agents by name in Arabic and English as well as listing their home address and maps of where they lived.

Security officials in Israel said they knew of the video but have not confirmed its authenticity. The young boy, just before the end of the video, moves in front of the hostage who is kneeling and shoots him in the forehead. He then shoots him four additional times, as the man lies prone on the ground.

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