No Nuclear Deal but Iran Offering Concessions

Iran indicated in talks on Wednesday its readiness to taper back its nuclear activity that is the most sensitive. This gave a clear signal it was willing to compromise with Western countries to win some relief from the harsh economic sanctions, said diplomats.

However, Iran’s proposals it put forward while negotiating in Geneva with six world powers, were not made public. Western officials were still cautious as to whether Iran would be willing to go far enough so a deal could be made.

Over the next few weeks another set of talks are scheduled between the United States, China, Russia, Frances, Germany, Britain and Iran. The goal is to end a long-term standoff that could cause a war in the Middle East.

Both sides attempted to dampen any expectation of a deal coming quickly at the meeting held on Monday and Tuesday. The meeting was the first held since Iran elected its new President Hassan Rouhani. He took office with the promise for conciliation over the relations Iran has with the rest of the world.

The world’s powers want the Islamic Republic to pull back on its enrichment activity to ease concerns it could then be applied to developing a nuclear bomb instead of as Tehran has said to generate electricity and to produce medical isotopes.

Following day one of the talks, Abbas Araqchi the Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran suggest that Tehran was ready to address the longstanding request to give the nuclear watchdog from the United Nations wider powers to inspect.

Araqchi also told a news agency the measures related to the enrichment of its uranium were part of the proposal from Iran, but hinted Tehran was not ready to make the concession too quickly.

The sequence of concessions by Tehran and any relief of sanctions by the West could be a serious obstacle in an attempt to reach an agreement.

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