Nuclear Deal Deadline Looms for Iran

With a looming deadline getting closer and closer, negotiators made an effort in the eleventh hour on Sunday to reach a deal that would limit the nuclear capability in Iran and ease the economic sanctions that are crushing the economy in Iran.

John Kerry the U.S. Secretary of State met on Sunday morning with Mohammad Javad Zarif the Foreign Minister of Iran and with European Union representative Catherine Ashton in Vienna. It was the fifth meeting between the three since Kerry’s arrival on Thursday.

Laurent Fabius the Foreign Minister of France was expected to take part in talks on Sunday and reports came out that both China and Russia’s foreign ministers could arrive.

Germany and Britain, the other members of the team that is negotiating with Iran are already in Vienna and the arrival of the Russian and the Chinese envoys would be yet another indication of an end nearing to intense negotiations that have lasted a year.

Negotiations have taken place under a great deal of pessimism that the last differences that divided the sides can be reached by Monday’s deadline. This deadline is the second.

Conflicting reports have resonated from the negotiating team from Iran. Early on Sunday the negotiators from Iran told ISNA the Iranian news agency they already were discussing the possibility of having an additional extension put in place.

Other news outlets in Iran said later that the negotiators are still focused on agreeing to the comprehensive agreement before the deadline on Monday arrives.

Any delay would be laden with complications politically both in Tehran and Washington. It could create a situation making it more difficult for the White House administration to receive approval from Congress to ease sanctions against the Islamic Republic, once the GOP takes control of Congress.

Skepticism prevails in Israel over a new deal over nuclear power with Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel said during his Sunday morning meeting with cabinet members that he was pushing vigorously that the six countries who are negotiating with Iran do not reach an agreement that would allow the Islamic Republic to become a nuclear threshold state.

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