Nuclear Inspectors and Iran cannot agree on a Deal

United Nations nuclear inspectors returned from Tehran to Vienna without a deal to access the nuclear sites in Iran. No date was set for the next round of talks. A diplomat from the West accredited to the International Atomic Energy Agency located in Vienna said that despite many promises to do so, Tehran has not used good faith in their negotiations.

The diplomat then said that it appears the UN needs to ask itself if the tactic they were using was the correct one. The deadlock between Iran and the UN inspectors is a frightening signal for a broader effort by the major six powers to get Tehran to curb their nuclear program that the six powers believe could be readying to build a nuclear bomb.

Iran and the IAEA were not able to finalize any document that set out terms for an inquiry by the IAEA into possible military uses of the nuclear program in the country, said Herman Nackaerts, the chief inspector for the UN at an airport in Vienna, upon his return from Tehran.

A meeting will take place on February 26 between Germany, Britain, France, China, Russia, the United States and Iran in Kazakhstan to tackle the row that has gone on for over a decade and produced four rounds of sanctions by the UN against Iran.

Iran denies that their nuclear program has any military dimension and want acknowledgement that it has the right to produce nuclear power for purposes that are peaceful.

Because of elections being held in June in Iran, it will be hard for any Iranian official to make concession to the foreign powers, especially Israel and the U.S.

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