Obama and King of Saudi Review Regional Issues

On Friday, President Barack Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia nearing the end of his trip of one week that included visits in Europe prior to Saudi Arabia.

On Obama’s agenda while in Saudi will be Syria, the faltering Israeli and Palestinian peace talks and the turmoil across the region.

The visit by President Obama to Saudi Arabia takes place at a time when there exist increasing strains in relations with the U.S. and disagreements amongst nations in the Middle East because of Syria’s widening conflict.

A diplomat from the U.S. based in Saudi said this trip by Obama has a goal of advancing different but common interests related to security, including the Syria and Iran situation, talks over peace between the Palestinians and Israel and how to counter extremism that has become ultra-violent.

A Saudi based network said the talks between Obama and Abdallah could boost prosperity and stability across the region.

The conflict in Syria has lasted three years, which has caused sectarian tensions to heighten throughout the entire Middle East. The turmoil taking place in Egypt has strained relations across the entire Arab world.

Following an Arab League summit in Kuwait that ended Wednesday, the Foreign Minister of Kuwait said that Arab nations were still attempting to resolve the differences between supporters and opponents of the region’s Islamist movements.

Regarding reconciliation the Foreign Minister said that Arab leaders discussed the responsibilities, aspirations and challenges of the Arab nations to find common ground to help solve the predicament.

The trip by the U.S. President to the kingdom comes amidst diplomatic efforts by the U.S. to sustain the peace talks that have sputtered. The talks are aimed at reviving negotiations directly between the Palestinians and Israelis. Those talks will expire in April and have faltered over the past few months.

Israel is expected to release another round of prisoners. This is the fourth and last group of Palestinian prisoners to be released as a part of its deal that helped revived the peach talks.

However, sharp criticism is being received over the released from hard line politicians as well as some members of the families of the victims of attacks that the imprisoned Palestinians carried out.

Negotiators representing the Palestinians said that if the prisoners do not get their freedom, the peace talks would end.

John Kerry the U.S. Secretary of State met with Mahoud Abbas the Palestinian President on Wednesday in Amman with King Abdullah of Jordan.

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