Officers Quickly Taken Out of Yemen Following Shootout

Two personnel from the U.S. government were quickly taken from Yemen in April after they had fatally shot two people suspected of kidnapping in a commercial area of the violate capital of Sanaa said officials on Friday.

The two Americans fired on an armed group of Yemeni civilians to escape the apparent abduction attempt at a local barbershop, according to a report from an international newspaper. The officials were identified as an officer from the Central Intelligence Agency and a commando from Special Operations.

The United State embassy located in Yemen had been on a limited capacity recently as officials from the U.S. in Yemen are limiting the exposure and overall movement of personnel amidst many warnings threatening their lives.

On Friday, the U.S. State Department confirmed it had the two officials flown out after the incident had occurred.

The State Department statement said that two officers from the U.S. Embassy had fired their weapons when confronted by a group of armed individuals during an attempted kidnapping near a small business district.

Two people were killed in the shooting.

The CIA would not comment on what had taken place in Yemen. Pentagon officials would not respond to late inquiries on Friday.

In Yemen, the incident reached the news when it took place nearly two weeks ago, but the latest reports make not mention of the identity of the different targets

The disclosure of the latest incident has coincided with new signs of security deteriorating in Yemen, where a weakened government struggled to battle the insurgents that had al-Qaeda links.

According to reports from the local news, as many as 7 people were gunned down, when shots were fired at two military checkpoints leading to the presidential palace.

At the same time, militants ambushed a convoy that was carrying defense minister for the country.

Yemen of late is amongst one of the least permissive environments for officials in the U.S. of late. Intelligence and military personnel from the U.S. have played a huge role in Yemen on counter terrorism.

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