Palestinian Grave Unearthed in Israel

In the Jaffa district of Tel Aviv, a mass grave of remains of many Palestinians was found. The Palestinians had been killed in 1948 in a war with Israel that led to the state of Israel being created.

One official from the Muslim cemetery in the district told a news agency that the find occurred Wednesday when workers were carrying out renovations and ground subsided revealing six chambers that were full of human skeletons.

One Jaffa resident, who is 80 and a fisherman, says that when he was a teenager near the end of the 1949 fighting, he helped collect the dead Arabs south of Jaffa and bring them to the city for a quick burial inside the cemetery.

He said in three to four months he carried 60 bodies to the cemetery. He said the majority of bodies he picked up were in the streets and he did not know most of them.

He said there was a great deal of danger of being struck by grenade fragments of bullets so the bodies were hastily put into the graves on top of another contrary to customs of the Muslims.

Most bodies said the fisherman had been carried either early in the morning of during the dark of night. Men, women and children were buried in the same place and no one was there to pray for the people.

Jaffa at that time was a Palestinian town, but a forced exodus took place of most of the population of Arabs when the town fell to the Israeli army and right wing armed gangs from that were Jewish.

In 1950, the town was incorporated in Tel Aviv. Today there is a mix of Jewish and Arab population.

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