Palestinian Political Analysts: Systematic Discrimination by Israel Against Blacks

Racism in Israeli policies, laws as well as school curriculum is deeply ingrained says Palestinian analysts, saying that Israelis have discriminated against as well as brutalized the Ethiopian community as well as other black Israelis.

One political analyst in Ramallah said that various forms of discrimination against the Ethiopians and blacks in general have been manifested in the smallest of procedures in government.

Decades ago, Ethiopian Jews in the tens of thousands were flow from Africa to Israel when famine threatened communities where they lived. The group has grown to over 100,000 and complains regularly of being discriminated against. Over half of these Jews from Ethiopian live in poverty.

Recent protests that include a violent one this past Sunday in Tel Aviv have been provoked by an assault by police on an Israeli soldier who is black.

The political analysts said that the ultraorthodox Jewish communities believe that a large portion of the community from Ethiopian that live in Israel are not Jews, but claimed to be to gain citizenship in Israel. This adds to the ongoing discrimination against blacks.

The analyst added that what is taking place in Israel is overwhelming evidence that Israel is racist. He added that Palestinians that live in Israel constantly complain of discrimination since 1948 upon their arrival.

The underlying racism in Israel is clearing seen in its laws, policies, school curriculum and judicial system said the political analyst.

The analyst predicts that the Israeli government will not rid itself of the racism that is deeply rooted that is harbors towards Palestinians and black and predicts that protests by the black will reoccur in the near future.

Overcoming racism, said one of the analysts as well as discrimination is difficult if not near impossible to do for any group of people including the Israelis. The change needs to be a cultural one and that only comes with time said the political analysts.

A temporary solution to the problem by Israel to appease the international community could take place, said the Palestinian analyst, but even that will not last that long.

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