Palestinian Teen Stabs Israeli Soldier to Death

A Palestinian teen attacked an soldier from Israel on a bus when the bus was stopped in Afula. The soldier was killed in a rare attack in one of the flashpoints in the West Bank.

The teen stabbed the soldier in his neck as well as his upper torso numerous times on the bus bound for Tel Aviv, when it stopped in northern Israel. The attacker is just 16 years of age and from Jenin in the West Bank. He was working illegally in Israel and arrested said police.

This attack comes during a sensitive time as the Palestinians and Israelis have resumed peaces talks after nearly five years of no negotiations.

A target date of April has been set by the two sides for an agreement to be reached. However, any increase in violence between the Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank will undermine efforts to move forward in the negotiations that are faltering at this time.

There have been attacks of late in the West Bank, but within Israel, attacks have been rare. Israel, as part of an agreement to restart talks with the Palestinians, released 26 Palestinian prisoners recently. The long-serving prisoners were convicted of murdering Israelis.

Almagor, which is a group in Israel that represent victims of attack by Palestinians,  said the bus stabbing shows that Israel was not right in releasing the Palestinian prisoners since it would only encourage the believe amongst the Palestinians that despite killing someone, they would one day be released.

The attack is only 24 hours after Israel reversed itself over the announced plans for new settlement construction in the West Bank, a key point holding up the peace talks.

Initially Israel said it would look into the potential construction of thousands of homes, but that statement was reversed later by Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister who said an unnecessary confrontation was caused with the international community.

The settlement construction issue has been the center of the standstill in efforts to reach peace and Palestinians say that it remains the major obstacle in the talks recently restarted.

They continue to say settlement construction by Israeli on the occupied lands shows a sign of bad faith on Israeli’s part.

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