Palestinian Teenagers Shot and Killed in West Bank

Israeli forces shot and killed two teenagers who were Palestinians during protests on the West Bank over a prisoner’s death while in custody. The death of the detainee while in custody has sparked sometimes-violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces in the West Bank.

Amer Nassar who was 16 and his cousin Naji Balbisi who was 17 were shot and killed at a confrontation that took place near a Turkarem military roadblock in the northern region of the Palestinian territory. Officials said that the bodies were found early Thursday.

The Israeli military said its troops had fired upon the Palestinians after the youths had thrown firebombs at one of the guard posts after darkness had fallen Wednesday night. However, the Israeli military did not confirm if the teenager had been killed by their forces.

Tensions between Palestinians and Israelis have increased quickly in the Gaza Strip and West Bank following the death Tuesday from cancer of Maysara Abu Hamdeya, who had been serving a jail sentence of life in Israeli.

Israel was accused by Palestinians of not allowing the cancer stricken inmate to receive treatment and failing to make sure, he was released following being diagnosed as terminally ill. The Israelis said normal procedures had been followed.

In Hebron, a city in the southern part of the West Bank, where Hamdeya will be buried on Thursday, and military forces from Israel clashed on Wednesday with dozens of protesters who were Palestinian. The forces fired tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at the Palestinians who threw Molotov cocktails and stones. People on the scene said that tensions remained high as the burial of Hamdeya drew closer.

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