Palestinians Arrested in Foiled Lieberman Murder Plot

Four Palestinians were arrested by security forces from Israel for an alleged murder plot.

Shin Bet the Israeli security agency announced the four were planning to assassinate Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman using a rocket-propelled grenade during the conflict between Israel and Gaza this past summer.

The security agency said the four men were part of Hamas, the organization that is in control of Gaza. Hamas announced they did not have any information regarding the issue.

The war this past summer was for 50 days, ending when both sides entered into a truce.

Over 2,110 Palestinians were killed in the conflict with the majority being civilians, said the United Nations. Just 68 soldiers and 6 civilians were killed from Israel.

According to officials at Shin Bet, the four Palestinians were planning to purchase a RPG and shoot that at a convoy carrying Lieberman close to his resident in the occupied West Bank Nokdim settlement.

The security agency announced the four were monitoring the minister’s convoy. They are alleged to have timed as well as measured sections of the journey of the convoy to determine the point of attack that was most effective.

Shin Bet announced that three suspects – Ziad Salim Mahmoud al Zir, Ibrahim Salim Mahmoud al-Zir and Adnan Mahmoud Sabih – were all from Harmala a village in the occupied West Bank only 1.5 miles away from Nokdim.

The plot was allegedly masterminded by Irrahim Salim and he recruited Ziad his brother, Adnan Amin and another member of Hamas Youssef Ibrahim al-Sheikh, who were from the area of Bethlehem.

Shin Bet said they arrested the four more than two weeks ago.

The security agency said the men told them they hoped that the killing of Lieberman would send a message to Israel that would end the Gaza war.

The news of this comes during a time of increased tension between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Palestinian militants murdered five Israelis on Tuesday in a synagogue attack in Jerusalem.

Tensions have soared as well over a major holy site that is in dispute known to the Jews as Temple Mount and to the Muslims as al-Haram al-Sharif.

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