Palestinians Claim Israel is Only Suspect in Death of Arafat

Palestinian officials have said that the only suspect in Yasser Arafat’s death is Israel. The former leader’s body was exhumed and a report by the Swiss said his remains had high levels of polonium, which is radioactive.

The leader of the committee of Palestinians that had been set up to investigate the 2004 death of Arafat said it had been an assassination.

The committee leader said the investigations would be continuing in order to confirm the details of the case. Any involvement in the death of Arafat has been denied repeatedly by Israel.

Suha, Arafat’s widow, said she believes the Swiss report has proven that her husband was assassinated. Nevertheless, she also said that Arafat had a number of enemies across the globe and no one could be directly accused.

The leader of the Palestinians died at a military hospital in 2004 in Paris. He had taken ill suddenly at his compound in Ramallah a city in the West Bank.

It is still not clear why the investigators believe Arafat had been given poison. He was surrounded at all times by his guards and a tight circle of aides in his compound.

A report released by scientists from Switzerland said the remains of Arafat have high quantities of polonium-210. Nevertheless, they were not able to confirm if that is what caused his death.

Last year, authorities exhumed his remains after tests suggested he might have been given poison.

French, Russian and Swiss investigators divided about 60 samples. The French group is conducting an investigation at the request of Arafat’s widow. In 2012, France started an inquiry after the findings of polonium by the scientists from Switzerland.

One official from Russia said in October that no traces of the radioactive element had been found.

Palestinian officials have called for an international inquiry into their former leader’s death.

The biological materials the scientists studied included pieces of Arafat’s bones and samples of the soil that surrounded his corpse.

Swiss scientists said the high polonium levels that had been detected indicate by definition that a third party had been involved and the results indicate a moderate backing of the theory that poisoning occurred.

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