Palestinians Pushing for Deadline to End Israeli Occupation

The Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will ask the United Nations Security Council to compel the country of Israel to end within the next three years, its occupation as part of the Palestinian’s initiative to help overcome the deadlock in diplomacy and move ahead to making two separate states, said one of his aides.

The announcement by the Abbas aide is the most specific time frame Abbas has given for a timeline, which he started to speak about in August amidst the fighting taking place between military forces from Israel and militants from Hamas.

The aide also gave a clear signal that Palestinians would use their status of observer in the United Nations, an upgrade they won close to two years ago over the opposition of the U.S. and Israel, to become a part of the International Criminal Court and attempt to prosecute Israel for its behavior in the different occupied territories.

The prospect of that has caused great concern amongst the United States and Israel.

Abbas is making a new effort to shift strategies pursuing a two-state final solution to the long time conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Abbas along with aides have spoken more and more of recent about wanting to receive a deadline that is internationally approved for ending the occupation to lands Israel captured during the war of 1967.

Palestinian ambassador Riyad Mansour to the UN suggested that Abbas might formally seek that deadline during the annual debate of the General Assembly this month, which many leaders will attend.

Palestinians have said the peace talks held with Israel are frustrating for them and a shift in strategy had been needed.

Anger amongst Palestinians was reinforced on Sunday when the government of Israel seized over 1,000 acres of land in the West Bank close to Bethlehem.

That action drew condemnation from many including the United States, which announced that it had been counterproductive to the achieving of two-states.

The popularity of Hamas has increased greatly amongst Palestinians since the 50-day conflict started.

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  1. wavettore says:

    One word has always been the worst enemy of Israel and its biggest threat: Equality.
    The concept of “chosen people” is the puzzle to solve and all else in the end it happened because of Destiny. Israel could show the World a new face in the affairs with Palestine. The World would have to reconsider and be grateful to Israel for this change. That would the beginning of a new World that welcomes a new Humankind no longer made of Animals hiding behind a tie.

    In this new World Religion and Science would be one and the same.

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