Peace Talks Role Being Reviewed by U.S.

John Kerry the United States Secretary of State warned that the U.S. was currently evaluating whether or not to continue its current role in the peace talks in the Middle East after both the Palestinians and Israelis took steps that caused problems with the process.

During a trip to Morocco, Kerry said now was a time for a reality check and there existed a limit the U.S. would make towards the peace process if both parties themselves were not willing to take measures that were constructive and not destructive.

Kerry said the U.S. would be reviewing and evaluating what its next steps would be. Kerry said he would return to the U.S. to consult with the White House administration on its next step.

Officials in the U.S. said Kerry was blindsided by the moves of both the Palestinian and Israeli leaders that had affected the process of the negotiations.

Kerry added there were limits for time and effort that could be spend by the U.S. if the two parties involved were not willing to work together to move forward.

The crisis in the talks erupted last weekend when Israel would not release another group of prisoners under terms from a deal previously completed. Israel did not want to release the Palestinian prisoners unless Palestinian leaders would guarantee they would continue talks beyond the deadline set for the end of April.

Kerry arrived back in the Middle East early in the week to try to fix the problem, but the Palestinians undermined that by signing 15 international conventions giving them better leverage versus Israel.

Israel then called off any release of the prisoners and called for the negotiations sponsored by the U.S. to be reviewed.

Much of the first year Kerry has been the top diplomat in the U.S. he has spent trying to work out the difficult peace process in the Middle East.

On two occasions, Kerry broke away from his current ongoing trip to see Palestinian and Israel leaders in an attempt to find a compromise.

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