Peter Greste Denied Bail in Egypt

Australian journalist Peter Greste was denied bail in court on Friday in Egypt. Greste has been in jail for two months.

Greste is a reporter with Al-Jazeera and he and a number of his colleagues at the network have been accused of airing news that was false and misleading international viewers about the real situation taking place inside Egypt.

The group has also been charged with backing the Muslim Brotherhood, which is blacklisted in Egypt.

Greste’s father, Juris told reporters of his anger and dismay after hearing his son would not receive bail. He said he could not believe the excessive amount of security that surrounded his son and his son’s colleagues during the court hearing.

Greste’s parents have been thankful for all the support they have received and all the support being given to their son.

Greste shouted out during his hearing in court that he was ok, he loved them and that he felt their support and everyone else’s.

Greste said that public support for his case and those of his fell colleagues was vitally important, as it was giving them protection while they are incarcerated.

Greste’s parents said they respected the justice system in Egypt but were concerned for the rights their son has as a prisoner and believed they were not being honored, including the time period he was given to spend outside.

Greste’s father said he was disappointed at how little he has heard from Julie Bishop the Foreign Minister and Tony Abbott the Prime Minister about his son’s case.

The Australian government has been seeking assurances that their counterparts in Egypt will make sure Greste receives a fair trial.

Greste is amongst 20 different defendants that are accused of aiding and belonging to the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as threatening the national security.

Of the twenty defendants, just eight were in court, with the rest still at large. The court will try the other 12 in absentia. After a hearing of just 40 minutes, the trial was stopped until Wednesday March 5.

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