Pirouz Izadi: We must cope with Iranophobia Project

Pirouz Izadi We must cope with U.S. Led Iranophobia Project

Pirouz Izadi, an expert on European politics at the Center for Strategic Research of Iran’s Expediency Council, said Iran must take serious action against the nasty Iranophobia project masterminded by Western countries especially the United States. According to this expert, Iran must be in offensive stance against these enemies to inactivate such projects.

“Western countries are trying hard to expand their Iranophobia project and eliminate Iran’s regional power. They are utilizing several tools including terrorism, human rights and nuclear case to achieve their devilish intentions. But Iran has massive capabilities to face with these threats.” Pirouz Izadi said.

He also noted that United States wants to expand its hegemony and leadership in the Middle East region but the country sees Iran as a big obstacle. “It’s natural that other countries don’t want the United States to expand its power and as Iran is a regional power, the Western countries want to weaken its influence and power in the region.”

Iranian government and conservative politicians usually accuse European and American countries of developing and masterminding anti-Iran projects. Iranophobia is among those projects blamed by hardliners.

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