Plane Crashes in Tehran on Take Off

A regional plane crashed Sunday in Tehran during takeoff killing 39 people and injuring 9 according to state media and a senior official from transportation.

The IrAn-140, which was operated by Sepahan Air a domestic carrier, crashed into a residential area close to the Mehradad Airport in Tehran.

State television said the tail on the plane struck cables from an electrical tower prior to it hitting the ground and bursting into flames.

The official news agency IRNA, said the aircraft had suffered engine failure prior to it going down.

Ahmad Majidi the Deputy Transportation Minister provided the figures on the number of casualties on state television. Earlier the channel had reported all of the 48 people had died onboard.

The crash took place shortly after takeoff. The plane was headed to Tabas in the eastern region of Iran.

One eyewitness said he could hear a roaring sound and one wing was tilting.

He added that no smoke was seen and it appeared as if there were multiple explosions.

The crash site was secured by Revolutionary Guard members and the wreckage was combed over by rescue personnel and security.

The mangled but for the most part intact tail section of the plane tore away from the aircraft’s fuselage and stopped on a roadway nearby.

Some bodies of the victims burned so badly that they were unidentifiable. After authorities perform DNA tests, the charred bodies will be given back to their families.

The aircraft wad a turboprop twin-engine plane based upon technology from Ukraine.

A similar crash took place during take of a training flight in February of 2008, killing all five onboard.

One lawmaker said that the crash earlier should have woken people up.

The plane’s crash site was visited by lawmakers expressing concern about safety.

A Sepahan Air spokesperson told one media outlet that the airline was affiliated with an airline known by AISC.

The airline was established in 2010 and no crashes have occurred previously.

The airline is tied to the Ministry of Defense in Iran.

The Mehradad airport in western Tehran primarily has domestic flights. Most of the flights that are international use the newer airport.

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