Police in Iraq Find 53 Corpses

Iraqi police have found 53 corpses of civilians with gunshot wounds in a town 25 miles from Karbala the holy city. The town is predominately Shiite and the victims were reminiscent of executions that took place eight years ago during the civil war.

Each of the bodies had their hands bound and had been shot in the head or chest in al-Khamisiya district about 60 miles to the south of Baghdad, said the provincial police Colonel.

Local police on Wednesday said that two car bombings in Hilla had killed two and wound 13 more.

Violence has increased a great deal since the offshoot of al-Qaeda has seized a number of towns and cities in the north, vowing to make Shiites the target of their wrath.

The militants have threatened their shrines and said they would kill all those trying to stop the growth of their Islamic State.

Amidst the offensive, some tribesmen from the Sunni have taken up weapons against the government, which is Shiite-led and say their government is treating their communities unfairly.

Adding to the deepening crisis, parliament disbanded in early July after not reaching an end in a deadlock over who the leaders will be following April elections.

Nouri al-Maliki the Prime Minister said last week that he would not withdraw his attempt to serve his third term, even amidst international as well as domestic calls for him to not run.

Sunni leaders demand that Maliki leave or they will not drop their arms.

In his address each week to the country, the prime minister on Wednesday said he took all the necessary steps to protect the Iraqi people and promised liberation of the nation from the militants as an Islamic State.

After starting slow in the first few days of its offensive, the army from Iraq has now regrouped and is using airstrikes near the Syria border to loosen up the grasp of the militant that have taken control of the territory and are attempting to regain control of Tikrit.

Maliki accused the leaders of the Kurdistan semi-autonomous region in the north of providing forces that are anti-government a sanctuary.

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