Police in Israel Investigating Political Corruption

On Wednesday, the police in Israel said they were currently investigating a large number of politicians and public figures in a huge corruption case that could have a big impact on the country’s upcoming election.

Police did not name any of the politicians that are involved when they made the Wednesday announcement of the investigation.

After a covert operation of a year, police said they are now investigating 30 people including a former minister, a current deputy minister, mayors and more.

In a formal statement, the police said investigators suspect officials of nepotism as well as illegally transferring public funds to different entities.

Faina Kirshenbaum the Deputy Interior Minister who is a member of the Yisrael Beteinu political party confirmed that she was called in to be questioned but denied wrongdoing.

Kirshenbaum said she was sure of her integrity and did not have any idea what investigators were probing.

Avigdor Lieberman, the Foreign Minister is leader of the Yisrael Beteinu Party.

The party is a big player in the upcoming March elections in Israel. It is still uncertain how the ongoing investigation by police would affect politicians involved with the upcoming elections.

Lieberman was investigated himself recently for corruption but he was cleared in 2013 of any wrongdoing.

Lieberman’s political party could be pivotal in the upcoming elections. He has allied traditionally with the bloc from the right wing but comments he has made recently raised questions of a potential shift strategically.

Lieberman criticized Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister for talks with Palestinians during a Tuesday conference in Tel Aviv.

Lieberman warned that Israel would likely face a diplomatic tsunami and its foreign relations and economy would suffer if no agreement were reached.

The peace talks with the Palestinians, which were brokered by the U.S., collapsed this past spring.

According to a newspaper report in Israel, Lieberman was referred to as a dovish politician on Tuesday when he spoke.

The politician’s nationalist party is known for taking a hard stance with Palestinians and Lieberman is a resident of a settlement in the West Bank.

These most recent comments by Lieberman only add to the uncertainty in the country about the elections in March.

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