Police in Saudi Arabia Battling Migrant Workers

Two people were killed while scores were wounded when police in Saudi Arabia clashed with foreign workers who were protesting in Riyadh, the capital of the OPEC nation.

A statement from police said that hundreds were arrested in Riyadh’s Manfuhah neighborhood.

On different social media sites, video showed the government security forces wearing riot gear and using truncheons to scatter the largest groups of protesters.

Police last week rounded up migrant workers by the thousands after the amnesty that had been linked to employment rules had expired.

On Saturday, police announced they had intervened after the foreign workers in Manfuhah rioted and attacked Saudi as well as foreign residents with knives and rocks.

The neighborhood of Manfuhah has many migrants with the majority from east Africa. One of those killed was from Saudi Arabia, while the other still had not been identified, said police. Nearly 70 others had been injured, while more than 560 had been arrested, said officials.

Witnesses said on Sunday that police had surrounded the area while National Guard units and other special forces had been sent in.

Hundreds of men, woman and children nearby were lined up with their belongings preparing to boards buses supplied by the police to transport them to a center where they will stay prior to being deported.

Other migrant workers could be seen leaving Manfuhah in taxis.

Last Monday, authorities started rounding up illegal foreign migrant workers by the thousands following the expirations of their amnesty of seven months that gave them time to formalize their legal status.

On Wednesday, a man from Ethiopia was reported killed, as police in Saudi started transporting the illegal immigrants into camps.

The Addis Ababa government said it would provide support to the workers and would help to repatriate its people.

Close to one million Indians, Filipinos, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Yemenis and Nepalese are believed to have left Saudi Arabia over the last 90 days.

Four million more obtained permits to work prior to the deadline of last Sunday.

Saudi Arab has the largest economy in the Arab world but authorities there are trying to lower the unemployment rate of 12% amongst native Saudis.

Close to nine million workers from other countries, live in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. Abdulrahman Al-Zuhayyan says:

    Ethiopian Savagery in Saudi Arabia

    The heinous crimes committed by Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia are widespread. They violate every law in the book. Yet when they are apprehended by security forces, they scream and shout, claiming that they are innocent, as if the authority is only out to get these people. This is a mind boggling scenario that defies human sensibility.

    It is well known all over the world that Saudi people and government alike view foreigners from Third World countries (Islamic and non-Islamic) as equal human beings and should be treated according to Islamic egalitarian principles, so all are on equal footing legally and socially. This explains why Saudi Arabia is the most attractive place on earth for migrant workers. They know that they can live peacefully and raise their children in a safe environment where their rights are protected as if they were living in their own home country.

    In the spirit of tolerance and goodwill, most Saudis condone the law violations and breaches of local customs and traditions by most foreigners, including Ethiopians Africans, in the hope that they may have a change of thought and heart, as they adapt to civil human Saudi society. But that only emboldened them farther, acceding phathomable and acceptable behaviors, principally these violent Ethiopians.

    This behavioral disposition, is not only exclusive to African Ethiopians, but also other foreigners, even Muslims — whatever their nationality may be. They perceive Saudis as non-Muslims at the level of Kafer (infidels), so their physical being, property, women and children are fair play, and they can do whatever they are pleased to do with them. Naturally, Ethiopians will not be inclined to hold different views with respect to Saudis.

    Moreover, the aforementioned Saudi Islamic and tribal egalitarian principles are not enshrined in most of the Third World’s cultures, which are by and large are based on social hierarchy, like the social cast system and the economic agrarian feudal social system.

    People belonging to this backward world are strongly convinced that they do not deserve this equal treatment accorded to them by Saudis. As a result, they look down upon Saudis and view them as dumb and stupid for awarding them something that they are not worthy of having, and hence it is perfectly all right to murder them, rob them, and sexually abuse their women and children.

    That view is particularly evident in the behavior of Ethiopians, who suffers racial discrimination in most societies, except Saudi Arabia. The reason for welcoming and embracing Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia is due to religious historical factor. Specifically because their country more than 1435 years ago welcomed the companions of Prophet Mohammad, and Saudis still hold this positive gesture to date.

    Unlike Ethiopians who are welcomed by Saudis, early Muslims were respecting of the local laws, as well as local norms and traditions, and of course, they were far more civil.

    At last, when the government decided to crackdown on Ethiopians’ illegal activities and protects the society from their fatal acts, they all of a sudden had a severe attack of amnesia and a loss of sensibility.

    Paradoxically, Saudis have become law violators, criminal murderers, thieves, rapist, child molesters, and even animals !!!!

    Indeed, this is an evil twisted logic, and justifies the illegals’ immediate deportation to protect the land of civil Islam from those savage Ethiopians.

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