Police in Turkey Detain Man Armed Inside Office of the Ruling Party

Police in Turkey were able to overpower a man who was armed and had stormed into the local branch of the ruling party in Istanbul, broke a window on the top floor and was shouting slogans on Wednesday. This came only a day after a hostage incident turned deadly involving a Turkish prosecutor.

Selim Temurci, the chief in Istanbul of the Justice and Development Party, the current ruling party, told a television station that one armed man had raided the branch of the party in the district of Kartal, forced its employees outside and then shouted slogans from a top floor window against the party. Officials said no one was hurt in the incident.

In a separate incident, police in Antalya a city in southern Turkey detained 19 people who are suspected of being members of DHKP-C a left wing organization that is banned, said Anaolu Agency, the state run news agency.

The agency announced that those detained were under interrogation by police from the anti-terrorism unit, but did not give any other details. Ten other people were detained in Eskisehir and Izmir two other cities, said the agency.

The incidents came only a day after two member of DHKP-C held hostage a prosecutor in a courthouse in Istanbul. All three died during the shootout between the police and the two who took the hostages.

It was not clear if the incidents from yesterday and today were related. Mehmet Selim Kiraz the prosecutor who was killed was investigating a teenager’s death who had been hit by a gas canister fired by police during the nationwide protest against the government back in 2013.

The two hostage takers made five demands that included forcing police that were held responsible for the killing of the teenager to confess and be tried in court.

At the same time, Ahmet Davutoglu the Prime Minister of Turkey as well as other government officials joined hundreds who participated in the funeral of the Turkish prosecutor that was held in Istanbul.

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