Pope Appeals for Peace in Middle East, especially Syria

Pope Francis made a passionate appeal on Sunday for peace not just within Syria but across the entire region of the Middle East.

During his weekly Sunday Angelus address to throngs of worshippers in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope thanked everyone who attended a prayer vigil the night before, but called upon all in attendance and watching on television to continue praying for peace.

During his prayer vigil that lasted four hours, the Pope argued that dialogue, forgiveness and reconciliation were the words of peace across the entire globe.

On Sunday, the Pope mentioned again his concern over the Middle East, appealing for stability within Lebanon, an end to all violence in Iraq for decisive and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians and for the uniting of Christians and Muslims within Egypt for the good of their country.

Dressed in just simple white ceremonial robes, the Pope looked somber and serious in the prayer vigil on Saturday night in St. Peter’s Square.

Recalling the story of Abel being killed by brother Cain, in Genesis, the Pope said the rebirth of Cain is brought about each time in every war and act of violence.

The Pope said that even today there is a continuance of conflict between brothers. He insisted that death is the only outcome of war and violence.

The unrelenting campaign of peace Francis is conducting brought back memories of other appeals made by the late John Paul II, on the eve of the military interventions led by the U.S. in Iraq back in 1991 and again in 2003.

No specific western power was called out by the Pope, but he clearly aimed his goal of peace against any military intervention led by the U.S. military.

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