Pope Sees Fundamentalist Terrorism Due to Deviant Types of Religion

On Monday, Pope Francis denounced the fundamentalism religious beliefs that inspired the massacres in Paris and the ongoing conflicts across the Middle East, by saying the terrorists attackers had been enslaved by the deviant forms of religion that had used God as an ideological pretext to carry out mass killings.

In the Pope’s yearly annual address about foreign policy to the ambassadors based in the Vatican, he called for a response that was unanimous from the international community for ending Middle East fundamentalist terrorism.

He called up leaders in the Muslim world in particular to condemn their faith’s extremist interpretations that seek only to justify such horrible violence.

The leader of the Catholic Church that is 1.2 billion strong has increased his call for intellectual, religious and political Muslim leaders to insist vocally that Islam does not condone that form of violence.

Francis added that the attacks in Paris were due to a throwaway culture where human beings as well as God are outright rejected.

Calling the tragic slaying from last week in Paris, the Pope said the people responsible were enslaved by the new fads and the deviant forms of today’s fundamentalist religion.

Religious fundamentalism even prior to eliminating humans through horrendous killings, eliminates God, turning God into an ideological pretext,

Francis also condemned the horrendous kidnapping and the enslavement of girls by militants from Boko Haram in Nigeria as well as the slaughtering of over 100 children in Pakistan by Taliban members.

Referring to specifically the U.S., Pope Francis welcomed the plans the U.S. had of closing its Guantanamo prison and the recent reapproachment of the U.S. and Cuba that he played a hand in facilitating.

He also called for change in attitudes toward accepting refugees, noting that many unaccompanied children in Latin America migrating to the United States are more at risk and need of more care, protection and attention.

He hoped that 2015 brought progress towards a new agreement in climate change, saying it was urgent.

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