Pour-Ebrahimi: The Real Value of U.S. Dollar is Less than 20,000 Rials

Mohammad Reza Pour-Ebrahimi, Member of Majlis Economic Commission

Currently the exchange rate of U.S. Dollar is about 40,000 Iranian Rials but member of Iran’s parliament believes this number should be less than 20,000 Rials.

“Today our enemies want to disturb Islamic Republic of Iran but independence and successes of Iran have made Western countries worry about their future. The sanctions of United States against Iran have been entered to new phase. United States and its European allies want to increase the pressure on our nation but Iranians will not give up.” said Mohammad Reza Pour-Ebrahimi, Member of Majlis Economic Commission.

Pour-Ebrahimi discussed the effects and results of sanctions against his country by saying: “Actually we cannot ignore the negative effects of the new financial sanctions. But I believe this should not hurt Iran’s economy and make convulsions in markets. I personally believe the psychological dimension of sanctions has troubled our economy.”

“By applying correct management we can reduce the exchange rate of U.S. Dollar. According to our exact studies, the approximate rate of U.S. Dollar must be less than 20,000 Rials. So the current prices in free market are unreal.” Mohammad Reza Pour-Ebrahimi concluded.

Currency crisis is the new issue of Iranian government which caused several street riots in the last week in Tehran.

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