Power transfer in Qatar from Emir to Son

The ruler of Qatar will hold sessions with his family and other prominent people in the emirate in talks that are predicted to pass the power to his son, the emirate’s crown prince.

The oil-rich emirate would see a new head of state and leader in one of the most politically ambitious states in the Gulf. Qatar has risen to play a big part over the last few years in regional diplomacy.

The meetings are scheduled to be held by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa amid rumors of the emir passing power to his son, the heir apparent.

The rumors came from Al Jazeera, the news network that was founded by the government of Qatar and reflects closely its views regarding internal politics.

This transfer would be a rare transition of power in the region, where most of the leaders have a tight grasp on their power until they die.

Sources said in early June that the plan of succession was briefed to diplomats and would see the prime minister, Hamad bin Jassim give up his current post.

Bin Jassim is the Qatar Investments Authority CEO. The QIA is the sovereign wealth fund that recycles the gas revenues of the emirate and has invested in large properties projects in England, including the tallest building in Europe, the Shard.

Within weeks after that decision, it will be announced by the royal court that the Emir will pass his powers to his son, the crown prince who was educated in Sandhurst in London.

The very sensitive transition of power would take place as Qatar is the leader in diplomacy surrounding the crisis in Syria and is a sponsor of the rebels fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

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