President Assad Reshuffles Top Deputies

met 1Embattled Syria President Bashar al-Assad his sidelined his deputies in a shuffle of his top members of the Baath party only hours after Tony Blair said military intervention was needed against the current regime.

The reshuffling included the leadership of the Baath Party with all 16 of its leadership members being dropped.

The move made way for the regime’s new blood to move forward following gains on the battlefield for the regime forces over the past couple of months.Assad maintained the post of secretary general, but he axed the vice president of the party Farouk al-Sharaa. Current speculation over al-Sharaa’s loyalty to President Assad and possible role as the interim leader in talks about a peace process has raged since the uprising has started in 2011.

However, insiders believe that Sharaa, who has been VP since 2006, will remain on as the vice president of the country, even though he has been removed from party leadership.

With rebels losing areas they had gained last year, Blair criticized his government’s failure to intervene in the war. Blair claims Assad is taking advantage of foreign allies such as Iran and Russia to re-establish power and his grip over the country.

Blair said he feels the least that should be implemented is a no-fly zone in the country.

Ahmad Jarba, the newly elected head of SNC or the Syrian National Coalition, used his interview on Monday to declare that the opposition would not being willing to negotiate until its losses were recouped.

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