President Obama Promises to Keep all Arab Allies Safe

Moving forward toward a nuclear agreement with Iran, President Barack Obama assured U.S. Arab allies that all of them were safe from any threat from a Tehran that is empowered, as he attempts to shore up some of the most critical partnerships in security the U.S. has in that region.

However, the claim by Obama of winning support from the Arab nations for his nuclear agreement that is still pending, appears far from being reality.

After a rare summit at Camp David, Obama pledged on Thursday an ironclad commitment by Washington to the Sunni run governments in the Persian Gulf. He mentioned authorizing military force by the U.S. if the security of any of the Arab allies were endangered by Iran or by anyone else.

The U.S. said Obama would use every element of power it has to secure core interests across the Gulf region and to deter as well as confront outside aggression against our partners and allies said the president in a prepared statement.

Obama called it a new start of cooperation that would be in place for decades. His statement came even as nations in the region, including Saudi Arabia are unnerved by a prospect of this accord with Iran that would place a freeze of ten years on its nuclear program while potentially providing the regime tens of billions of dollars of relief from the current international sanctions.

The different Sunni led governments visited Washington in search of assurance that the White House would pair his effort of diplomacy with a broader strategy of pushing back against the expanding influence of Iran across West Asia.

The U.S. along with five other world powers is hoping to finalize a deal with Iran by June 30.

This weeks’ discussion with top officials from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain was announced April 2 by Obama, when a framework was sealed with Iran for the nuclear deal.

Washington had been providing for a long time military support to its partners in the Gulf, most famously through invading Iraq back in 1991 after it took over Kuwait.

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