President of Iran Says Deal on Nuclear Program is Imminent

Hassan Rouhani the President of Iran was on the airwaves in Iran on Monday night proclaiming that a deal over the nuclear program with the West would be signed prior to the deadline that is in late November.

Rouhani said on a broadcast from Press TV the national television station that a solution will be found for the nuclear program and believes the two sides will reach an agreement that is win-win for both.

U.S. representatives along with those from the European Union and Iran will meet later in the week in Vienna in an attempt to come to an agreement. Diplomats have issued a deadline of November 24 after not meeting an earlier target date set for July.

Monday night on television, Rouhani struck a tone of confidence as he talked about the agreement saying that only the fine details were left to be agreed upon.

Rouhani said the details were important as well, but the most important is the nuclear issue will not be reversed and the settlement achieved will be done in the 40 days that remain.

The deal is aiming to guarantee that the nuclear program in Iran remains one that is strictly for purposes that are peaceful.

Iran has been hit with many sanctions by nations in the West for moving forward with its nuclear program that Tehran says was engineered to meet the energy and scientific needs of the country.

However, Israel and the U.S. have argued for a long period that the Islamic Republic’s leaders have attempted to develop a clandestine arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Rouhani entered into power over 14 months ago following a campaign that was more moderate and one that signaled that he was aiming to ease animosity that has been building between Tehran and Washington for a number of decades.

The possible nuclear agreement has been seen as a pivotal point in staving off an all out war in the future between Iran and Israel.

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