Prime Minister of Turkey Setting Up Interim Government

Ahmet Davutoglu the Prime Minister of Turkey was appointed on Tuesday to form an interim government, which will lead Turkey until a new election is held on November 1.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan the president of Turkey formally made the call for new elections following a June vote that was inconclusive and the collapse of efforts to build a coalition.

The election board in Turkey confirmed that new elections would be held November 1. This is the first time parties in Turkey have failed to put together a coalition government following an election.

Davutoglu was given five days to put together a temporary Cabinet. It will include legislators from the opposition party, however two of the parties that are the main opposition have already said they would not participate in the new interim administration.

The opposition has accused Erdogan of setting off the election as he hopes the ruling AKP or Justice and Development Party of which he is the founder, can win back the majority in parliament that was lost this past June and rule once again alone.

Erdogan did not give the opposition party’s the opportunity to attempt to form a new coalition government.

Opinion polls, suggest the new election might not reverse the losses made by AKP and another parliament that can agree on a coalition would result.

Davutoglu is likely now to form a new administration that consists of legislators and independent figures from the pro-Kurdish Turkey political party that would be in ministerial posts for just the first time in the history of Turkey.

That will put the Prime Minister into an awkward position of governing with the pro-Kurdish party members it ruled out as a partner in a coalition.

On Tuesday, the prime minister urged the opposition parties to join in on his interim administration saying they should take responsibility and shoulder part of the burden.

The ruling party was a loser in the June 7 election and saw their majority disappear for the first time in 13 years.

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