Progress Seen in Nuclear Talks with Iran says IAEA

The United Nations’ nuclear agency believes a deal to be reached with Iran that would enable it to begin a probe that has been stalled in the disputed nuclear program in the country by January, said the chief inspector from the UN after he returned from his trip to Tehran.

The International Atomic Energy Agency failed in its attempt to gain access to the military complex at Parchin, during a visit on Thursday to the capital of Iran, as it had asked, said the head of the UN delegation. Nevertheless, he said that progress was being made. The head of the UN delegation said there had been good meetings.

On Thursday, according to state media in Iran, Ali Aghar Soltanieh, the ambassador for Iran to the IAEA, said talks had been constructive and were making good progress.  The news agency said that intensive negotiations had been held, with good progress as the two sides agreed the next talks should be held in Tehran on January 16.

The UN agency believes that Iran conducted explosive testing with the possibility of using nuclear applications at the military complex, a facility that is located southeast of the capital city and had asked repeatedly for access to the complex.

The IAEA was hoping to reach an agreement where they would be able to inspect the Parchin complex as well as other sites suspected of being linked to the possible military dimensions in the nuclear program of Iran.

Iran however insists that Parchin is just a conventional military facility and dismissed allegations it had tried clean up things at the site prior to being visited.

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