Protester Killed in Egypt on Anniversary of Uprising

A protester in Egypt was killed and a bomb exploded that wound two police officers Sunday, the anniversary of the uprising of 2011 that toppled Hosni Mubarak the autocrat, said security sources.

The anniversary has arrived and is just another test of whether liberal activists and Islamists facing a tough crackdown by security forces can maintain the resolve to challenge the U.S. backed government in Egypt once again.

Since the ouster by the army of Mohamed Morsi from the presidency in July of 2013, security forces have stamped out dissent.

Dozens more protesters were killed on the anniversary last year of the uprising that was centered in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

On Sunday, the protester died from gunshot wounds in Egypt’s second largest city Alexandria. The Interior Ministry announced that the man was armed.

Separately, police officers were the target of a bomb outside a sports club in Cairo, said sources.

In Baheira a Nile Delta region about 100 miles away from Cairo, a pair of militants were killed after bombs they planted exploded, reported state television.

In the capital of Cairo, police in riot gear back by the military in armored vehicles cordoned off strategic streets, including ones that lead to Tahrir Square.

Supporters of Morsi gathered close to Tahrir and carried photos of the former president. Security forces rounded up the group and used teargas to help disperse a protest that took place in Ramses Square also in Cairo.

In Matariya, a suburb of Cairo, security forces shot teargas at 900 protesters. Other forces were dispatched to Cairo’s Rabaa Square where hundreds of supporters for Morsi were killed back in August of 2013 at a protest camp.

Egyptian born, but Qatar based cleric Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi who is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood has called for protests and called Morsi the legitimate leader of Egypt.

The outspoken support by Qaradawi the Brotherhood has fueled a diplomatic problem between Qatar and other Gulf Arab allies, which just as Cairo does, consider the group a threat to security.

One woman protesting was shot and killed near Tahrir on Saturday.

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