Protests in Cairo Mark Revolution’s Third Anniversary

Cairo police have had to fire tear gas canisters into crowds of protesters in the capital city of Egypt. The protesters are marking the third anniversary of the uprising in 2011 that ended in the overthrow of longtime President Hosni Mubarak.

Supporters of the government, which is now military backed, and members of the Muslim Brotherhood have both taken to the streets to mark the anniversary. Live rounds and tear gas were fired amidst tightened security throughout the capital.

On Friday, tensions were up thanks to bombs going off in Cairo and clashes throughout Egypt, which left as many as 18 people killed. Government authorities said that extra security would be put in place on Saturday.

Muhammad Ibrahim, the Interior Minister of Egypt urged his fellow Egyptians to not be afraid to attend events marking the third anniversary of the Arab Spring uprising. Supporters of the government and military gathered in many locations, including the high-profile Tahrir Square.

On Saturday morning, a bomb was thrown at a wall at the training academy for police in Ain Shams a suburb of Cairo and reportedly injured one person.

However, no one has claimed responsibility for the bomb attack. Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, an al-Qaeda inspired group of militants said it had been responsible for an attack on Friday at the police headquarters in Cairo that killed a dozen people.

Ibrahim warned the Muslim Brotherhood supporters earlier that any attempt at disrupting Saturday’s festivities would be met firmly.

The Muslim Brotherhood has carried out regular protests since July when a military led coup deposed then President Mohammed Morsi.

The demonstrations that remain three years after the original uprising that ousted Mubarak, show the deep divisions that remain in the most populated Arab nation.

One protest against the government on Saturday was broken up when government forces fire tear gas into the group. The protest had formed outside a mosque in Cairo, said news agencies.

At the same time, police fire in the air with live rounds to disperse another 1,000 protesters who were anti-government.

The military supported government has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and accused it of being behind many violent attacks over recent months.

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