PSY may Defeat Justin Bieber’s Popularity in Future

PSY Might Defeat Justin Bieber's Popularity in Future

Recently the PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ music video set a new record in YouTube’s history. The Korean song has received more than 823 million views until now and it has passed the ‘Baby’ music video recorded by Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber.

Of course the pop sensation Justin Bieber has a great number of fans in all over the world but he has a lot of loathers too. It’s good to know that ‘Baby’ music video, which was published on Feb 19, 2010, has received around 1,446,000 likes but more than 3,212,000 people have disliked the same clip on YouTube.

The story is somehow different for Park Jae-sang. It seems he has more lovers than haters as the figures show. Only 335,000 dislikes have been submitted for his ‘Gangnam Style’ while he has garnered 5,454,000 likes in less than four months.

The reported number may frighten Justin Bieber’s fans but in aspect of fan base, PSY has a long way to go. The total number of fans of PSY in Facebook and Twitter combined is not more than 5 million but JB has more than 78 million fans only in this two platforms.

By the way, Park Jae-sang known as PSY may change the above equations in future as his Gangnam Style is still trending in the most important charts.

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