Putin Challenges Claims by U.S. on Syria

Vladimir Putin the President of Russia challenged on Saturday the U.S. to present evidence to the United Nations that the Syrian government had carried out the attack near Damascus against rebels with the use of chemical weapons.

Putin said it would amount to just nonsense for the government of Syria to provoke its opponents with those types of attacks.

President Barack Obama has said he was considering military intervention following the release of the intelligence reports that said over 1,420 people had been killed including over 420 children on August 21.

After gathering information and evidence the past four days, weapons inspectors from the UN left Syria by convoy.

The inspectors are expected to leave Lebanon for the Netherlands as soon as possible. They are expected at the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons’ headquarters.

Syria has called the claims made by the U.S. lies and blamed the rebels, for the attacks.

The departure of the inspectors from Syria takes away both a political and practical obstacle to launch military action led by the U.S., said experts.

Putin spoke from Vladivostok a city in the far eastern region of Russia urging President Obama to think about the victims that would suffer before using any force.

He said there was no reason for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons. He told reporters that the government was going through a period of offensive moves and surrounded its opposition in a number of regions.

Because of that, said Putin, it would be utter nonsense to give such a reason for military intervention.

Putin insists it was just a provocation by someone to drag more countries into the conflict in Syria. He said it was disrespectful of the U.S. to fail to present the international community with evidence.

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