Qatar Pulls Ambassador Out of Egypt

Qatar has recalled its ambassador to Egypt following a disagreement over air strikes carried out by Cairo on jihadist targets inside Libya, which has threatened new divisions amongst Arab states that are Western-allied.

An official with the foreign ministry said the Qatari government recalled its envoy for new consultation after a delegate from Egypt to the Arab League had accused Qatar of being in support of terrorism during talks in Libya.

The new argument between Egypt and Qatar, which was supported by its Gulf neighbors, took place as officials in Libya urged the Security Council of the United Nations to lift the arms embargo that would allow the military in the country to fight the jihadists.

Qatar as well as the majority of other Gulf Arab countries has joined with the coalition led by the U.S., which has waged airstrikes against the Islamic State inside Syria and Iraq.

Cairo, which is a strong ally of Washington said a rift in the region would complicate efforts to make a united front versus IS in Libya, Egypt’s neighbor, where the group is attempting to forge another stronghold.

On Wednesday, U.S. President Obama urged leaders of the Muslim world to unite and fully reject the false promises that jihadists and extremists claim represent Islam.

Tariq Adel the envoy from Cairo made the accusation after the Qatar representative expressed reservations over a phrase in a communiqué welcoming airstrikes against IS targets inside Libya.

At the end of the Arab League’s ambassador level meeting was ended, the communiqué was handed out in Cairo.

F-16s from the Egyptian air force bombed IS militant bases in Derna a city in east Libya on Tuesday, after the Islamic State released a video showing the gruesome slaughter of a group of Coptic Christians who were in Libya searching for work.

The director of Arab affairs for Qatar in its foreign ministry said the government expressed reservations over welcoming such air raids, stressing there is a need for consultations prior to any unilateral action against another state who is a member.

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