Rahpouyan may Present Independent Nominee for Iran’s Presidential Election

Parviz Sarvari, the Secretary General of Rahpouyan-e Enghelab-e Eslami party

Parviz Sarvari, the Secretary General of Rahpouyan-e Enghelab-e Eslami party, said this party is going to present its independent nominee for upcoming presidential election in Iran.

“We believe that the current number of conservative candidates coming up for the next election is worrying. Our first goal is reducing the number of nominees presented by other parties because this may get us into a big trouble in future.” Parviz Sarvari said.

“We are scheduling many sessions and meetings with other conservative parties and we discuss this issue with them. But if they don’t compromise with our solution then we will present and introduce our confirmed candidate for the presidential election.” Sarvari added and criticized his peers.

“However we have not still determined our ideal candidate. At this time we are considering several nominees. Long term plans for improving Iran’s economy and society is one of the features that we request from nominees.” Parviz Sarvari reiterated but he didn’t enlist the names of their favorite candidates.

According to estimations from Iran’s politicians and activists, reformists’ parties have less chance in compare to hardliners to win the next election. So the main challenge is between conservative parties.

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