Ransom Demanded by Islamic State Prior to Killing American

James Foley was killed in the desert somewhere in Iraq at the hand of the Islamic State militant group. Prior to killing the U.S. journalist, his executioner, who was masked, explained that Foley was being killed as retaliation for the airstrikes recently made by the U.S. against the group inside Iraq.

Until just recently, the Islamic State had different demands for the American journalist. The group was pressuring the U.S. for a multimillion dollar ransom to release the 40-year old. That information was released by a member of Foley’s family as well as a former hostage being held with him.

The U.S. unlike several countries in Europe that have given millions to the terrorist organization to save the lives of citizens, refused to pay.

The current issue of how the U.S. will deal with the Islamic State, which as does many terror groups, routinely trades its captives for large payments in cash, is one that is troubling for the White House.

Foley was not the only American the Islamic State is holding. The group is said to be threatening to kill three others it is holding if its demands are not met.

News outlets have confirmed that via interviews with prisoners recently released, members of the family of the prisoners and mediators are attempting to gain their freedom.

Due to growing criticism over not doing enough, the Obama administration revealed on Wednesday that a team of U.S. Special Forces attempted but failed to rescue the journalist, a native of New Hampshire, who disappeared on November 22, 2012 in Syria, along with other American being held hostage this summer during a secret mission.

Obama promised no retreat by the U.S. until the cancer of the Islamic State was eliminated in the Middle East.

It appears that the militant group will continue increasing the pressure on the White House. It has threatened to kill another hostage, Steven Sotloff, another journalist who was with Foley being held hostage before Foley’s death.

Sotloff was shown on the video that showed Foley’s death. He was being held by a militant, was wearing an orange jumpsuit and had his hands cuffed behind him. The narrator on the video said that the life of this citizen of the U.S. depended upon the next decision of Obama.

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