Report: Gaza Militants and Israel Reach Brokered Cease Fire

A leader of the Islamic Jihad said Thursday that Egypt successfully brokered an agreement for a ceasefire with the goal of ending a flare-up of the two days between Gaza Strip Palestinian militants and Israel

The leader said that following intensive efforts and contacts by Egypt an agreement was reached to restore calm in accordance with agreements made in Cairo during 2012. That truce ended a Gaza War of eight days over two years ago.

The militant group Islamic Jihad started launching rockets on Wednesday into Israel after soldiers from Israel had killed three fighters on Tuesday. The militant group said there would be no more firing of rockets if Israel does the same.

No immediate word was released by Israeli authorities, but a senior official from the Defense Ministry said he expected the exchange of fire would stop soon.

Jets from the Israeli Air Force attacked seven places along the Gaza Strip Thursday in response to rocket barrage that Gaza fired toward the coastal cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon in Israel.

A tunnel was included in the sites Israel attacked as well as a command center and Gaza infrastructure. Palestinian sources have reported that three people were hurt in the town of Rafah due to the attacks.

A senior military officer in Israel said on Thursday that the country’s defense forces summoned a small number of reservists from the air defense due to the recent escalation.

Palestinian militants along the Gaza Strip launched Grad rockets on Thursday into Israel striking areas of open land between Ashdod and Ashkelon, after a night that was relatively quiet.

The barrage of rockets was the latest clashes between Gaza and Israel, which escalated just a day earlier after Islamic Jihad members fired over 70 rockets during one day into southern Israel. Ashdod ordered schools that lacked protective spaces to evacuate all students.

Of the more than 6 dozen rockets fired into Israel earlier, only forty-one hit inside Israel’s borders. One hit Sderot and another Shaar Hanegev and others near areas of Sdot Negev, Netivot and Eshkol.

The Iron Dome system for Israel’s defense forces successfully intercepted three of the rockets.

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