Report: Missile Sites in Saudi Arabia Target Israel and Iran

A report released by IHS Jane’s a security consultant in Britain says that according to analysis and study Saudi Arabia has missile launch pads, that were recently built, targeting both Israel and Iran.

While analysts at IHS Jane’s did not see any actual missiles, the report says the sites have control and command facilities as well as underground bunkers, that are likely to conceal launchers and missiles, said a senior image analysts at the consultancy.

The recent discovery shows that Saudi Arabia is prepared for any possibility of Iran becoming a nuclear power. It also is a strong reminder that the truce that has been for decades between Israel and Saudi Arabia, is only that, a truce and not any peace treaty, said an analyst with a consultancy located in the U.S. that briefs the U.S. Military.

One site in Saudi Arabia is estimated to be five years old, while others were built sometime during between 2004 and 2008.

The sites resemble Chinese missile launch sites built for the medium range missile the Dongfeng-3 that has a payload of 4,700 pounds with a 1,600-mile range.

Those missiles are launched from special trucks, and they have not been located either. However, the report says the area is full of drive-in bunkers and it goes into the side of a mountain and no one is sure how far.

Analysts at IHS Jane’s concluded that the new Al Watah site has a different layout than both of those located at Al Jufayr and Al Sulayyil.

The new site has launch pads that have bear markings that point towards Israeli and Iranian targets, said the report.

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