Reports of Chemical Weapon Use by Syria Not Confirmed

Late Tuesday, the White House expressed its skepticism over a report saying the military in Syria had used a chemical weapon last month in Homs against its own. However, the White House would not come out and flatly deny the report.

Tommy Vietor a spokesman for the National Security Council, said the reporting received from media sources of the alleged uses of chemical weapons in Syria were not consistent with the reports the White House believe to be true about the chemical weapons program in Syria.

The NSC spokesman was speaking in reaction to a blog report on the Internet that cited a secret cable from the consul in the U.S. in Istanbul that laid out the conclusions from the investigation into the alleged events in the city of Homs last December 23.

The accuracy of the report is important as President Obama warned President Bashar al-Assad previously that if he used chemical weapons he would be crossing the so-called red line that would trigger a possible intervention by the U.S. military.

The report by The Foreign Policy seems to be from an eager official that is looking for an increase in American aid for the rebels in Syria. The White House said it is not providing arms directly to the rebels, but reports by the media have said intelligence officials from the U.S. are helping a number of groups to unify by steering arms from third parties to those it vetted, while trying to eliminate extremist elements that are sympathetic to al-Qaeda.

Syria is known to be in possession of a huge cache of chemical weapons, but their use up to now has been confirmed by anyone from U.S. intelligence.

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