Republican Letter Sent to Iran Condemned by Khamenei

The Supreme Leader of Iran lashed out at a letter that was sent by Republican Senators from the U.S. that threatens to reverse any deal between Tehran and Washington regarding the Iran nuclear program. The Iranian Supreme Leader said he was worried due to the U.S. being known for its backstabbing.

The highest authority in Iran on all matters of state, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said during a meeting with Iran President Hassan Rouhani along with senior clerics that whenever progress was made by negotiators, the Americans become tougher, coarser and harsher.

Forty-seven U.S. Republican senators sent the letter that warned Iran that if a nuclear agreement was made with United States President Obama, who is a Democrat, it could last only as long as Obama was president.

The Obama administration called the letter irresponsible and reckless, saying that it had interfered with the efforts of the major world powers to negotiate a deal with Iran to prevent the republic from building a nuclear bomb.

Khamenei was quoted as saying that he was worried because the other side is known to backstab and be deceitful. He added that the way the Americans acted toward the negotiators is part of their deceptions and tricks.

The Supreme Leader added that the letter from the Republicans was just another sign of how the political ethics have decayed in the U.S. system.

John Kerry the Secretary of State, and the chief negotiator for the Washington in these nuclear talks, said he had utter disbelief that the senators would send such a letter.

The diplomacy that has been pursued by President Rouhani with the West has been supported by the conservative hardliner Khamenei, but at the same time the leader had not stopped his speeches that are full of denunciations of the U.S. as a way to reassure hardliners in the security services and clergy, with whom sentiment against the U.S. has been central to the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Next week the negotiations resume in Switzerland between the world powers and Iran.


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