Retrial for Mubarak Adjourned Until June

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s lawyers denied the charges against him for complicity in the deaths of protestors during Arab Spring in 2011 and the judge hearing the case announced a need to review new evidence.

The retrial for the former president of Egypt for his role in those deaths during the popular uprising was adjourned until June 8, so the judge can review all the new evidence presented.

Mubarak along with his former interior minister and six other security chiefs were facing the court again for their role in the deaths and attempted murder of hundreds of demonstrators during the uprising from January 25 through January 31 of 2011.

The new trial was scheduled originally to begin on April 13, but the judge excused himself in the first proceedings in just seconds. Alaa and Gamal Mubarak’s sons are also being retried on charges of corruption along with their dad. Hussein Salem, a businessman, is being tried in absentia.

It appears from the start that the new judge has taken a kinder and softer approach to this case and part of that is due to allowing new evidence to be handed in to the court.

Egypt’s ousted leader was convicted and sentenced to a term of life last year in June for his involvement in the deaths of over 846 people during the protests. However, the highest court in Egypt ordered that a retrial was needed after accepting the appeal form Mubarak’s lawyers of procedural problems.

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