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Rightel in Iran

The new mobile operator in Iran, Rightel, doesn’t have customers according to analysts. Rightel is the first mobile operator which introduced 3G services in Iran for the first time. SIM card sellers say there is not any major demand for the services of Rightel.

“We don’t expect and anticipate any demand for the services of Rightel in the coming months because Rightel doesn’t offer appropriate coverage in compare to Irancell and Hamrahe Avval. Rightel SIM cards come in two types which sell for 1,260,000 Rials and 210,000 Rials.” said Mahmoud Mohebbi, a seller in Tehran.

“SIM cards of Rightel are currently disabled and base on the announcements they will be activated in the next week. This is one of the main drawbacks of Rightel. Despite the television advertisements, people don’t have notable demand for the services of Rightel.” Mahmoud Mohebbi added.

Another activist in Iran’s mobile market believes Iranians don’t have enough trust on Rightel. “Tariffs of Rightel are too high for ordinary people so most of them prefer to buy cheaper SIM cards and services offered by other operators in the current economic conditions. Poor coverage of Rightel also aggravates the situation in its market.”

According to reports, the total number of mobile subscribers in Iran is estimated more than 50 million.

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  1. helper says:

    in fact rightel does have coverage in 18 cities. but as you already stated the signals are too weak to be used indoors, and is mostly useable outdoors only, making it useless to spend a lot of money for a simcard which does not offer the service it advertises for.
    Irancell by MTN is much better, since the prices for the simcard is so low, that you wont lose all your money on a simcard. operators like MCI are falling apart, since the technology used is just lagging behind. even gprs services offered by MCI are so slow that buying a internet package for almost 3 euros is just useles.

    Also introducing a 3G Service in Iran is senseless since the speed is limited to a maximum of128kbits. although services at around 2 MB are offered to institutions or organisations, it is still too slow in order to spend 300 000 tumans for 2MB of internet, which is not available between the cities or in many parts of cities..

    right now its best to buy a MCI or Irancell simcard, dependinc on coverage, and then wait until Rightel is completely ready to launch…

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